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chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: November 20, 2023

1. Overseas talent recruitment grant. Headhunting agencies or individuals who introduce overseas R&D talent with key core technologies to Hefei city enterprises will receive financial inducements. A talent introduction grant, equivalent to 30 percent of the annual salary after the talent's recruitment, will be granted to the headhunting agency or individual for each successful recruitment of a Class A or Class B talent. The maximum grant for introducing a Class A talent is 300,000 yuan ($42,109) and for a Class B talent the amount is 200,000 yuan.

2. Flexible talent introduction subsidy. Key industrial supply chain businesses, specialized and innovative enterprises and municipal institutions in Hefei city that flexibly introduce urgently needed and scarce talents (teams) from outside the city will receive a talent introduction subsidy equivalent to 30 percent of the annual taxable remuneration, from the employers. The maximum subsidy is 1 million yuan per person (or team) per year.

3. Support for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Scientific research teams and researchers of universities and research institutes in Hefei who transfer their scientific and technological achievements into equity and who establish enterprises in Hefei will benefit from the attractive policies for high-level talent at key industrial supply chain enterprises in Hefei next year if they meet the conditions.

4. Talent project support.

(1) Entrepreneurship support for high-level talent teams: The city's angel investment fund will provide support of up to 10 million yuan for a batch of high-level talent teams with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced or domestic first-class levels, who are selected for innovation and entrepreneurship in Hefei every year.

(2) "Hefei City Leading Talent Plan": A group of "Hefei City Leading Talents" will be selected and identified every year in the fields of industry, education, culture, health, planning, construction, auditing, other desirable skills, in the rural areas and other professional fields in Hefei. In the field of industry, the innovation class will receive 500,000 yuan in project funds, while the entrepreneurship class will receive 2 million yuan in project funds. For those whose technical level reaches the international leading level and can lead the development of their industry, the innovation class will receive 1 million yuan in project funds, and the entrepreneurship class will receive 5 million yuan in project funds. In the professional field, each person will receive 50,000 yuan in working funds.

(3) "Leading teachers, doctors and experts" studios: The role of local leading teachers, doctors and experts should be fully utilized in the fields of culture, education, health, foreign experts, agriculture and other skills. About 300 studios are being encouraged to be set up in batches by the "teachers leading apprentices" method. Each studio will receive 150,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan in working funds during the management period.

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