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Zhuhai hopes to benefit more from Taiwan

Updated: Sep 12, 2018 Print

A symposium was held on Sept 10 to explain the Several Measures to Promote Economic & Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation between Zhuhai and Taiwan.

It was organized by the Taiwan Affairs Bureau of the Zhuhai People's Government and the Municipal Development & Reform Bureau.

The new measures offer 52 specific ways to strengthen those ties. Good results are expected from four areas: economic and trade cooperation, social and cultural exchanges, study and employment, and living convenience. Preferential treatment given to Taiwan people in each of these fields will show Zhuhai's sincere desire to share various development opportunities with them.  

The first area includes 19 supportive measures in project approval, expansion of market access, technology research and development, government procurement, agriculture, finance and other fields. For example, Taiwan-funded enterprises in Zhuhai that participate in the "Made in China 2025" action plan will enjoy the same policies as the enterprises in the Chinese mainland. Taiwan-funded enterprises are welcomed to participate in the development and construction of Zhuhai, and are encouraged to set up headquarters as well as centers for R&D, operations, procurement and logistics in the city.

The second part has 11 stipulations. The focus is on exchanges, university cooperation, fund establishment, academic discussions, and cooperation in film and television. Zhuhai especially encourages Taiwan youths to visit Zhuhai through study tours and participate in various summer camps and youth exchange activities.

The third part lists measures that will benefit Taiwan people in enrolling in schools, applying for internships, and taking qualification examinations. Qualified Taiwan young entrepreneurs can enjoy relevant entrepreneurship subsidies offered by the local government, which means certain Taiwanese students or graduates of ordinary higher education institutions (including ordinary colleges and universities in Taiwan) can apply for up to 10,000 yuan ($1,565) in venture capital for their successful projects in the city.

The fourth part is concerned with favorable treatment in housing rentals, award appraising, housing purchases, social security and other matters of daily life.

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