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Guizhou reduces time for starting businesses to 8.5 days

Updated: Aug 3, 2018 Print

Those who want to open businesses in Southwest China's Guizhou province now only need to wait 8.5 days, according to a notice issued by The General Office of Guizhou Provincial Government July 31.

The policy requires that the start-up time for enterprises in Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province, be reduced to less than 8.5 workdays by the end of 2018. Other cities in the province will follow suit by the end of June next year.

Aiming to reduce costs for enterprises when dealing with government procedures, the new policy provides a streamlined method for opening businesses in Guihzou.

By relying on the Guizhou-Cloud Big Data, a Guizhou-based big data brand, the policy calls for the integration of data sharing in departments involved in market supervision, public security, taxation, human resources and social security, development and reform, and statistics.

This will allow enterprise applicants to complete all the necessary procedures in just one stop instead of submitting materials and documents to different departments.

In addition, the policy stipulates that the registration time for starting an enterprise should not exceed five days. Sectors responsible for the registration should publish a list of seal-making locations for applicants to look at.

Seal-making for applicants should be completed within one day and subsequently recorded by the Public Security Bureau.

Relevant departments should optimize procedures for invoice applications. Except for particular regulations released by the State Administration of Taxation, the time required for invoice applications should be reduced to one day.


Zhao Yandi contributed to this story

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