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Dalian eases restrictions on running private schools

Updated: Jul 30, 2018 Print

The government of Dalian city in Liaoning province released new guidelines to relax regulations on establishing private schools on July 22, with the aim of improving and diversifying the education sector.

The new guidelines encourage the establishment of public-private partnerships (PPP) between the government and private organizations, including in building and managing schools. Both government and private schools may also purchase management services and teaching materials off each other.

Vocational schools are singled out for the possibility of mixed ownership by the new guidelines, with equity incentive schemes suggested for profitable private establishments. 

In addition, the new guidelines make clear that students studying in both private and public schools should have equal opportunities when applying for national scholarships. In particular, private schools are encouraged to offer discounts of at least 5 percent on tuition fees as scholarship awards.

The guidelines also expand the independence of private schools. For example, private vocational schools can set their own curriculums, according to the demands of employers. And private primary and secondary schools will have the freedom to choose between their own teaching arrangements or to follow the teaching plans of local government schools.

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