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In recent years, Guizhou has made considerable progress in education. Further expanded the scale of pre-school education; vigorously promoted compulsory and equal education; steadily improved high school education; rapidly expanding vocational education; significantly developed the scale and resources of postsecondary education. In 2012, the province has 30,500 schools in total at all levels, the number of students are 1,069.49 million. Among them, 3159 are the nursery schools, with 98.25 million children; Elementary are 11,529, with 380.08 million students in school; Junior high schools of 2215, with 210.09 million students; 446 Senior high schools, with students 77.30 million; Special education schools 56, with 1.37 million students; 229 secondary vocational schools, with students of 38.34 million; 49 universities/colleges, with 38.38 million students; 4 continuing education institutes (for adults), with students 8.56 million. The private schools(educational institutions) at all levels are 3032 (including eight independent colleges), with 90.49 million students in total. Compulsory retention rate is 78.6%. The gross enrollment rates for pre-school, high school, postsecondary education are 62%, 62.2%, 25.5% respectively. The average schooling year is 7.64 years.

Guizhou Normal University

Founded in 1941, Guizhou Normal University was originally named National Guiyang Teachers’ College, In 1985, it was formally entitled Guizhou Normal University (GZNU) and honored as one of the key universities in Guizhou Province in 1996. Located in Guiyang, GZNU is made up of three campuses. The University has now over 34,000 students, including 2,500 graduates. Right now, GZNU comprises 19 schools, one college of further education, one independent college (Qiushi College) and one teaching department, and offers 56 undergraduate programs and 105 master programs (including 4 professional degrees). Besides, GZNU possesses the right to recommend undergraduates to study for master degrees. All the subjects cover 11 disciplines (philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agronomy, management science and art).

Guizhou University

Guizhou University (Hereinafter referred to as GZU), with the motto of “Virtue, Kindness, Knowledgeableness and Integrity”, is striving to become an advanced and diverse university by educating students, developing Guizhou Province and serving the local. GZU is one of the key "211 Project" universities co-built by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Guizhou Province; in 2012, it was listed as one of the 14 universities with “Project for Improving Comprehensive Abilities of the Midwestern Universities in China”. With a total area of 4354.6 mu (2,903,066.67 square meters) and a collection of over 3.1 million regular books, GZU consists of 33 colleges and 136 undergraduate specialties, covering 11 branches of learning such as philosophy, economics, laws, liberal arts, history, science, engineering, agriculture and administration. At present, GZU has a full-time enrollment of 55121 students. Among the teaching staff of 4003, there are 2714 full-time teachers.

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