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Shenyang launches preferential policies to attract talents

Updated: Nov 30, 2017 Print

Shenyang government announced on Nov 16 that it will launch preferential policies to attract highly-skilled people to participate in the economic construction and development of Shenyang, pushing forward transformation and upgrading of the old industrial base in Northeast China.

The policies mainly target people who have registered for households in Shenyang or Liaoning, people who used to study in Shenyang and veterans who have served in Shenyang before.

According to information from a press conference held on Nov 16, Shenyang government will provide reward money for people and intermediaries that successfully introduce talents to Shenyang; and it will also provide allowances and other welfare for talents to create a sound working and living environment.

To carry out the talent introduction plan, Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation is making efforts to cooperate with local chambers of commerce to invite businesses out of Shenyang to settle in the city, creating more employment opportunities.

"We have got in touch with 30 chambers of commerce in Shenyang to help attract talents," said Yue Guijun, deputy director of Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Shenyang government will also organize local schools to establish alumni information bases, seeking potential talents to stay in Shenyang.

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