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Tax-related transactions of employing intermediary agent

Updated: Jul 25, 2017 Print

In accordance with business regulation of the tax agency, agents can accept the entrustment of taxpayers and withholding party, and engaged in the following scope: 1) transaction, alteration and procedures of cancelling the tax registration; 2) Submission of paying, withdrawing and declaration of tax; 3) set up books and systems, reporting accounting; 4) Transaction of receiving and purchasing procedures in addition to the special invoices for value-added; 5) Report to handle tax returns or withholding taxes; 6) Make payment of tax related; 7) Carry out the tax consulting (consultant), tax planning, tax related training and other tax related services; 8) Procedures of the tax administrative reconsideration. (9) Audit the situation of tax; 10) Transaction for applications of VAT general taxpaying qualification; 11) Use the host sharing service system for special invoice of general VAT taxpayers; 12) other business stipulated by the state administration of taxation.

In addition, visa tax-related business includes: 1) visa of enterprise income tax payable and refundable tax return; 2) Visa of make up for the loss and damage to property before enterprise income tax; 3) Other tax-related visa business stipulated by the state administration of taxation and provincial revenues.

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